IN2P3 Spécialités (PECTIN): Référentiel PECTIN avec les compétences spécifiques

Added by CORNAT Rémi over 1 year ago

Conjointement à la collecte des profils individuels pour PECTIN2020, un champ libre avait été laissé à disposition pour indiquer une "compétence spécifique".
Ces données sont maintenant à disposition dans les fiches spécialités ou dans ce document de synthèse

Les compétences spécifiques non rattachées à une spécialité sont listées ici

Ces listes sont probablement incomplètes ou imprécises étant donné la nouveauté de l'exercice à l'époque ; elles seront remise à jour lors d'une prochaine collecte de données. Les RTDT peuvent participer au forum OSMOSE à ce sujet.

IN2P3-Forge: Mise à jour logicielle / Software upgrade

Added by Macchi Pierre-Etienne about 3 years ago

Nous procéderons le mardi 6 avril 2021 matin à la mise à jour du logiciel Redmine de sa version actuelle vers la version 4.2.0.

Ce changement s'accompagnera des évolutions suivantes :


Retrait de l'authentification via le serveur CAS du CC-IN2P3 et mise en place d'une authentification via la fédération EduGAIN

Fonctionnalités additionnelles


Du fait de leur incompatibilité avec la version 4 de Redmine, les plugins suivants sont retirés :

- Wiki Gchart LaTeX-style Formula plugin
- Wiki Notes plugin

Ajout des plugins

- Easy Gantt Pro (documentation : )
- Easy WBS (documentation : sq )
- Dynamic edit Issue plugin : "Allows users to dynamically update issue attributes in detailed view without refreshing the page (JIRA style)"
- Wiki Embedded plugin "Embed a Wiki page to another wiki page"
- Redmine Tags plugin (Light version) : "issues tagging support"

Next Tuesday April 6th 2021, we will proceed with an upgrade of the Redmine software from its current version to its 4.2.0 release.

The following changes will occur during this process.


The authentication against the CAS CC-IN2P3 server will be deprecated and replaced by authentication against the EduGAIN identity federation



Due to their incompatibility with Redmine 4 the following plugins will be removed :

- Wiki Gchart LaTeX-style Formula plugin
- Wiki Notes plugin

New plugins installed

- Easy Gantt Pro (documentation : )
- Easy WBS (documentation : sq )
- Dynamic edit Issue plugin : "Allows users to dynamically update issue attributes in detailed view without refreshing the page (JIRA style)"
- Wiki Embedded plugin "Embed a Wiki page to another wiki page"
- Redmine Tags plugin (Light version) : "issues tagging support"

CLASS: Version 4.1 available

Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 8 years ago

A new version of CLASS is available for registred user.
The main changes are related to the equivalence model and new ANN weights for mean cross sections predictions

Change Log

- New Equivalence Models (see /documentation/Manual/USEGUIDE.pdf)

Equivalence Model based on PWR_MLP_PWR_MOX for a PWR loaded with MOX containing americium
Generic Equivalence Model for non breeder reactor (using a ANN to predict kinfinite)
Generic Equivalence Model for breeder reactor (ANN predicting keffective @ beggining of cycle)
Equivalence Model which gives the fissile content in the fresh fuel such as the average kinfinite over time is contained in a range.

- Equivalence Models datas

Better default weights for Baker and Ross formula (for FBR-Na)
ANN weight for a PWR-MOX with Am reactor
ANN weight for a PWR-UOX (using Generic non breeder model)
ANN weight for a FBR-Na MOX (using Generic breeder model & average kinfinite)

- Mean Cross section datas

ANN weight for a PWR-MOX with Americium

- Utils

Add utils for the user to train and test neural networks for the new equivalence models

- Other

Manual and doxygen have been updated
Examples have benn updated
Format of .nfo files have changed (see manual)
Install procedure has been simplified : just type ./ in the CLASS root folder : It sets automaticaly path to decay data base and add automatically environment variables. Type ./ -h to know available options

Package can be downloaded in the DMSF tab (choose version 4.1.0) : (forge account requiered)


CLASS: Version 4 available

Added by LENIAU Baptiste about 9 years ago

Dear CLASS users,

A brand new version of your favorite dynamical fuel cycle code has just been released.
The major update is related to the handling of reactor data bases. The user can now create his own model to predict fresh fuel fissile content (EquivalenceModel) and mean cross sections (XSModel). Additionally, the Bateman solver can be overloaded thanks to the IrradiationModel class. Futhermore, additional EquivalenceModel has been set up, such as neural network, baker & ross , quadratic. The prediction of mean cross sections can be made by the use of neural network using the TMVA module of Root software. In the package, several data bases are provided allowing to simulates : PWR-UOX (with variable enrichment), PWR-MOX, FBR-Na (MOX).

What's new ?
-an user manuel
-a doxygen

New features :
The Physics Models : This class and derivative's allow the user to set up new equivalence model Cross section model and Irradiation model (bateman solver).
handling of fission product : is now working. However, as only (n,gamma); (n,fission) and (n,2n) reaction are handled , some fission product may be predict with a low accuracy.
CLASSFuelPlan: allow to change fuel type and/or burnup during Reactor life time.
And other surprises to be discover by reading the manual.
New Data bases :
FBR-Na (MOX), PWR-UOX (with variable enrichment).

package can be downloaded in the DMSF tab : (forge account requiered)

Your Servant B&B


AGAPRO: End of GSI campaign

Added by Stezowski Olivier almost 10 years ago

The First GSI campaign of AGATA has just finished. Congratulation to all the people involved in such a work !
In order to prepare the next phase at GANIL, the AGAPRO code has been tagged :


Developments relative to the AGAPRO package are now followed in this web site



Also available in: Atom