ftsmonitor: FTSMonitor-1.3.0 is available for download

Added by Schwarz Lionel over 14 years ago

This version includes:
  • support of schema 3.4.1 (FTS 2.2.3)
  • a new filter in the main page for displaying failing channels only
  • new alarms (channel efficiency and BDII publication)
  • a new page for history of transfers of a particular source file
  • tooltips on error messages
  • some security improvements

See ChangeLog

Please README before installing

RlsngCons: champs [ProfilX] name

Added by Anonymous about 15 years ago

On peut désormais attribuer un nom à un profil:

  1. who logs where from ccin2p3 ?
    name: logins
    columns: sentdate,hostname,user,group
    filter1: tag !~ LOGIN and group !~ ccin2p3

le champs name apparait dans la barre de titre à droite.


Also available in: Atom