Project host for all development done for AGATA.

    Elog server for the collaboration can be found here

      About all soft (excluding GEC and LSC) used in AGATA
      • ASR tools
      • GCC
      • Narval


      • OFT

        Orsay Forward Tracking: algorithm to track the trajectories of photons in segmented Germanium detectors

    • Data Processing & Analysis

      Project pages for AGATA Data Processing & Online/Offline Analysis

      • AGAPRO

        This is the package in charge of processing the AGATA Data flow.
        It contains the different actors running in NARVAL for Online or in Emulators for Offline.

    • Electronic Control and Monitoring

      Project dedicated to all development linked to AGATA electronic control.
      This project will be used to share meetings document, task list, information about interface or to post any questions about some development.

      This could be the way to fill issue for end level user, when bug or features are not well identified....

      • Topology Manager

        TM is a module that centralizes the information about connections, technical information and status of devices. It allows to take a snapshot for a particular detector configuration, to hide the electronics to interlocutors, and simplifies to get the information for all processes which have been executed by the GEC (reset, setup,etc) over the AGATA detector electronics....

  • AHM - Ansible Host Manager

    AHM est une interface python 3 + QT destinée à gérer le fichier inventaire (host) de Ansible

  • Atrium - IPNO

    Projet destiné à héberger un Forum des utilisateurs d'Atrium à l'IPNO

  • C3F2

    Système d'information pour les facteurs de forme électromagnétiques du nucléon.


    Core Library for Advanced Scenario Simulation :

    CLASS is a dynamical fuel cycle simulation tool. It allows to simulate the evolution of an entire nuclear reactor fleet and its associated facilities, such as spent fuel pool, fuel fabrication plant, chemical separation plant, disposal and so on. ...


    Ce projet contient des cours, des exercices et des exemples de code relatifs à la programmation multitâche, embarquée, temps réel.
    This project is a Course on Realtime, Embedded, Multitasking programming and includes Exercises and code Snippets.

  • PEM

    PEM stands for Project Environment Marketplace

    From an user point of view
    this project should provide an easy way to download/install development environments
    Frm an administrator point of view
    this project should ease deployement/build of project DVCS or targz based...

  • DAQ4NP - Formation

    This projects is the public part of DAQ4NP, mainly dedicated to formation.

  • Gitlab

    Hébergement git pour l'IN2P3 et ses partenaires.

  • Intégration Continue

    A multiple instances Jenkins service platform


    JSAGA is a Java implementation of the Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) specification from the Open Grid Forum (OGF). It permits seamless data and execution management between heterogeneous grid infrastructures.

    The current stable release is available at:...

    • JPySAGA

      JPySAGA is an interface which allows to use a JAVA implementation of SAGA (tested with JSAGA) from Python (CPython).

  • KickSlot

    Module de réservation d'événements haoraire (développé dans le cadre du site festival particules)

  • Lavoisier

    Lavoisier is an extensible service designed to provide an unified view of data collected from multiple heterogeneous data sources (e.g. database, Web Service, LDAP, text files, XML files...).

  • operations-portal-users

    Welcome to the EGI Operations Portal Tracker Tool

    • If you want to register in this project or you wish to report an issue please :...
  • TSM - Documentation

    Documentation utilisateur du service de sauvegarde du Centre de Calcul de l'IN2P3.

  • France-Grilles Documentation

    Espace collaboratif de documentation pour l'utilisation de l'infrastructure et des services France Grilles destiné à ses utilisateurs.

    Si vous êtes utilisateur, vous êtes invité à participer à cette documentation.
    pour cela, inscrivez-vous sur ce site (indiquez le projet France Grilles) et demandez accès à cette documentation à ...

  • documents-publics

    Documents publics France Grilles

  • GESS

    Grid Engine Scientific Sites

  • DCOD
    DCOD stands for Distributed Caen-Orsay DAQ.
    DCOD provides high level DAQ services:
    • Basic functionnalities
      • Posix Memory Handler (PMH)
      • Common Transport Layer (CTL)
    • Logic Tier
      • ENX
      • NARVAL
    • CTL

      Common Transport Layer

    • Dcod Launcher

      This sub project of DCOD should be used to launch any processes needed by Narval or ENX.

    • ENX

      ENX has been developed as an interface to access and to control electronic device. It permits some basic function like : write, read and dump.

      To be easily manageable and customizable, we define three parts in this application:
      1. Core: It's the main program. It decodes the user command and gives the right order to the right drivers. We use Ada as programming language...

    • Narval

      Narval est un environnement de travail pour écrire des systèmes
      d'acquisition. Tous les processus de contrôle et de configuration d'une
      acquisition de données sont disponibles. La manipulation des données est
      prise en charge de manière automatique par un ensemble de classes dont...

    • PMH

      POSIX Memory handler

  • Ecole IN2P3 2013 Travaux Pratiques

    Partie consultable pour la réalisation des TPs.
    Pour l'organisation de l'école voir le projet père (accès restreint).

    Voir wiki

  • ftsmonitor

    FTS Monitor is a web-based monitoring system for the gLite File Transfer Service (FTS). It requires PHP5 on a web server with (read only) access to the FTS database (Oracle currently supported)

  • Kilonova-catcher

    Citizen science program of the GRANDMA project

  • IGOSat

    La mission d’astronomie de IGOsat présente deux objectifs scientifiques :

    - mesurer le Contenu Electronique Total (TEC) de l’ionosphère par un récepteur GPS bi-fréquences

    - mesurer le spectre des rayonnements gamma (de 20 keV à 2 MeV) et des électrons (de 1 Mev à 20 MeV) dans les cornets polaires et dans l’Anomalie de l’Atlantique Sud (SAA)....

  • IN2P3-Forge Project

    Public project for the communication between administrators and users of this forge. If you have any comment or question, please post a topic in forums or create a new issue.

  • Informatique IN2P3

    Traditionnellement, en raison des défis scientifiques et technologiques posés par les expériences de physique des particules, astroparticules et physique nucléaire, l'IN2P3 est porteur d’innovations majeures en informatique. ...


    Extreme Universe Space Observatory telescope which should be installed on the ISS

  • LC2

    Logiciel de Contrôle Local du CROCUS for Muon Tracking Chambers

  • Local Accounting

    Outil Php/Mysql de local accounting permettant la visualisation de l'utilisation des ressources de calcul, par la création de graphiques se basant sur les logs du serveur Torque/Maui.


    The goal of the MIDAS project is to provide high performance, middle-layer software tools, which would aid CMB data analysis efforts, for current and planned CMB experiments, to capitalize on the computational power of parallel (super)computers.

  • mon-grid-fr

    Le but de ce projet est de partager des scripts et sondes nagios dans le cadre du monitoring de l'infrastructure de grille.
    Des administrateurs de sites IN2P3 et IRFU sont impliqués dans ce projet.

  • NPTool

    NPTool is a framework based on Geant4 and ROOT for simulation and analysis of nuclear physics experiments.

    The package now use its dedicated page: .
    Please visit us for more information.

  • omega_public

    Test for a public page

  • Oval

    Oval is a testing tool which help developers to detect unexpected changes in the behavior of their software. It is able to run a suite of executables, each one within a controlled environment (typically made of unix variables and config files), and it will scrutinize their output channel and compare it with a user-defined reference. Oval does not provide utility code to help writing the tests, therefore it is quite independant of the programming/scripting language of the software to be tested. It can be seen as a kind of robot which apply the tests and warn about any unexpected change in the output. Oval was initially developed by the LLR laboratory, primarily for the needs of the CMS experiment....

  • Pipelet

    Pipelet is a free framework allowing for creation, manipulation, execution and browsing of scientific data processing pipelines. It provides:
    – easy chaining of interdependent elementary tasks,
    – web access to data products,
    – branch handling,
    – automated distribution of computational tasks....

  • PyWave

    Bibliothèque Python pour les modules d'acquisition Wavecatcher

  • RlsngCons

    Client ncurses de monitoring RLSng.


    Official web site:

    SimGrid is a scientific instrument to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems such as Grids, Clouds, HPC or P2P systems. It can be used to evaluate heuristics, prototype applications or even assess legacy MPI applications. All this as a free software....

  • Smurf

    The Smurf project aims to help sysadmins to manage a datacenter.
    Smurf::DB is the database abstraction layer
    Smurf::RRD handles time based metrics using rrdtool
    Smurf::Client local probe (DEPRECATED)
    Smurf::Server web application to read probe data
    Smurf::Util contains some useful tools e.g. sming, smux, etc....

    • TReqS-legacy

      This project contains materials related the historical version of treqs.

      The current development version of treqs is available here

      TReqS is a Scheduler for file requests to an HPSS system.
      It interacts between a client asking for HPSS files and an HPSS instance through the HPSS API....

  • TS2020

    Transient Sky for 2020+


    Pôle Sciences Exactes et Technologie de l'Université Sorbonne Paris Cité.

  • S-CUBE

    R&D digitally compensated charge preamplifier

  • Common Components

    TASK: Glossary Definition

    The goal of this task is to agree on the different terms of CTA data model to define a glossary. To discuss on the differents terms, we have created two forums with all the users.

    Glossary Documentation and Relevant Links...

  • LST stereo trigger study

    Study with MC simulations the optimal settings of the LST stereo trigger, in particular whether or not an improvement in performance can be achieved by allowing LSTs to trigger also in coincidence with their neighboring MSTs. This would have implications on the design, since direct connections between LSTs and their neighboring MSTs would be needed. ...

  • LSTCam low-level data analysis

    Develop the low-level analysis algorithms of LSTCam, e.g. inter-capacitor amplitude & time calibration, linearity corrections (if needed)...
    Test the compliance of LSTCam with specifications, using the mini-camera tests and in the mid-term the full LST-1 camera tests....

  • Ganil2Root

    Ganil2Root is a set of libraries used for converting GANIL raw data to ROOT files.

    The Ganil2Root package can be used in two different modes: (i) the offline mode is used to convert raw data at the GANIL format to raw data at the ROOT format based on user specific classes (ii) the online mode is used event by event during an experiment and apply the physical treatment of each detector defined in NPTool (NPLib part)....

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