RENOIR chat: Set up the first RENOIR chat (1 comment)

Added by Zoubian Julien about 11 years ago

I set up a doodle to chose the day and time of the chat.

Fill the doodle depending if you prefer an apero chat (11h), a coffee chat (14h) or a tea chat (16h).
Don't take care of the date (most of those days are holidays), just chose the day what you would prefer for our weekly meeting.

If you want to propose or ask for a discussion, you can already create an issue.

IN2P3-Forge: Migration Redmine 2.3.0

Added by ROUET Jean-René about 11 years ago

la logiciel Redmine servant de support à la forge va être migré le lundi 15 avril dans la matinée

Nous allons migrer le logiciel de la forge à la version 2.3.0.

Durant cette matinée la forge sera inaccessible.

Les conséquences attendues sont les suivantes :

  • certains plugins ne seront plus supportés
    en regardant le détail ils ne sont pas ou quasiment pas utilisés.
  • le thème graphique va changer.
  • des nouvelles fonctionnalités seront disponibles

ftsmonitor: FTSMonitor-1.6.3 is available

Added by Schwarz Lionel over 11 years ago

This release fixes an important security issue. It replaces the previous FTSMonitor-1.6.2 which had introduced a bug while checking the channel name. FTSMonitor-1.6.2 has been removed from the download area.

ftsmonitor: FTSMonitor-1.6.1 is available

Added by Schwarz Lionel over 12 years ago

This release only provide a fix at the "Job" page where in certain circumstances, the file transfers table was not displayed. This bug was introduced in 1.6.0, it is therefore recommended to upgrade from 1.6.0.


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