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Gitlab: Shibboleth sign{in,up} outage
Shibboleth sign{in,up} down from June 29 6pm until July 7 *for CNRS users only*
Added by Brétel Foudil 9 months ago

CLASS: Doxygen update
Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 2 years ago

CLASS: Version 4.1 available
Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 2 years ago

Vamos Spectrometer: Vamos Analysis Boards openned
Added by LEMASSON Antoine about 3 years ago

CLASS: Version 4 available
Added by LENIAU Baptiste about 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • AHM - Ansible Host Manager (07/18/2017 10:54 AM)

    AHM est une interface python 3 + QT destinée à gérer le fichier inventaire (host) de Ansible

  • Narval Standalone (07/05/2017 04:24 PM)
  • Atrium - IPNO (02/05/2016 03:58 PM)

    Projet destiné à héberger un Forum des utilisateurs d'Atrium à l'IPNO

  • omega_public (01/05/2016 10:59 AM)

    Test for a public page

  • LST stereo trigger study (12/22/2015 02:57 PM)

    Study with MC simulations the optimal settings of the LST stereo trigger, in particular whether or not an improvement in performance can be achieved by allowing LSTs to trigger also in coincidence with their neighboring MSTs. This would have implications on the design, since direct connections between LSTs and their neighboring MSTs would be needed. ...