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Gitlab: Shibboleth sign{in,up} outage
Shibboleth sign{in,up} down from June 29 6pm until July 7 *for CNRS users only*
Added by Brétel Foudil almost 3 years ago

CLASS: Doxygen update
Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 4 years ago

CLASS: Version 4.1 available
Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 4 years ago

Vamos Spectrometer: Vamos Analysis Boards openned
Added by LEMASSON Antoine about 5 years ago

CLASS: Version 4 available
Added by LENIAU Baptiste about 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Escape_EU (03/27/2019 07:51 AM)
  • PyWave (02/19/2018 09:08 PM)

    Bibliothèque Python pour les modules d'acquisition Wavecatcher

  • AHM - Ansible Host Manager (07/18/2017 10:54 AM)

    AHM est une interface python 3 + QT destinée à gérer le fichier inventaire (host) de Ansible

  • Narval Standalone (07/05/2017 04:24 PM)
  • Atrium - IPNO (02/05/2016 03:58 PM)

    Projet destiné à héberger un Forum des utilisateurs d'Atrium à l'IPNO