Version 4.1 available

Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 8 years ago

A new version of CLASS is available for registred user.
The main changes are related to the equivalence model and new ANN weights for mean cross sections predictions

Change Log

- New Equivalence Models (see /documentation/Manual/USEGUIDE.pdf)

Equivalence Model based on PWR_MLP_PWR_MOX for a PWR loaded with MOX containing americium
Generic Equivalence Model for non breeder reactor (using a ANN to predict kinfinite)
Generic Equivalence Model for breeder reactor (ANN predicting keffective @ beggining of cycle)
Equivalence Model which gives the fissile content in the fresh fuel such as the average kinfinite over time is contained in a range.

- Equivalence Models datas

Better default weights for Baker and Ross formula (for FBR-Na)
ANN weight for a PWR-MOX with Am reactor
ANN weight for a PWR-UOX (using Generic non breeder model)
ANN weight for a FBR-Na MOX (using Generic breeder model & average kinfinite)

- Mean Cross section datas

ANN weight for a PWR-MOX with Americium

- Utils

Add utils for the user to train and test neural networks for the new equivalence models

- Other

Manual and doxygen have been updated
Examples have benn updated
Format of .nfo files have changed (see manual)
Install procedure has been simplified : just type ./ in the CLASS root folder : It sets automaticaly path to decay data base and add automatically environment variables. Type ./ -h to know available options

Package can be downloaded in the DMSF tab (choose version 4.1.0) : (forge account requiered)