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11:36 AM CLASS Support: RE: Too many steps in routine RungeKutta
je réécris le mail que je t'ai envoyé pour avoir une trace de la solution :
j’ai trouvé le problème.
Il vient du ...
LENIAU Baptiste


09:41 AM CLASS Support: RE: Too many steps in routine RungeKutta
Bonjour Richard,
Tu pourrais envoyer tes fichiers .dat de réacteurs que j'essaye de reproduire le bug.
LENIAU Baptiste


10:06 AM CLASS Bug #12331 (Resolved): Doxygen??
Hi BaM,
No it's still there in "embedded" tab. :
LENIAU Baptiste


02:50 PM CLASS Support: RE: Creation of a Physics Model
1 //all IV 0 is taken
0.37 //37%(mass) of IV 4 is taken
0 //the last element is for fertile storage !! has yo...
LENIAU Baptiste
02:48 PM CLASS Support: RE: Creation of a Physics Model
Hi Francisco !
Since for your case you don't have a fissile storage and a fertile storage but just the reprocessed...
LENIAU Baptiste


10:22 AM CLASS Task #11522 (New): Separate the separation plant from the fabrication plant
The fabrication plant should not operate a hidden separation process. The user should provide a storage of fissile to... LENIAU Baptiste


02:45 PM CLASS Support: RE: Unexpected behaviour of the SimpleReactor example
Hi Francisco.
Thank you for reporting this.
My first guess is that the behaviour you observed comes from the w...
LENIAU Baptiste
11:20 AM CLASS Support: RE: Erreurs dans le fichier "CLASS_OUTPUT.log"
Bonjour, Richard
J'imagine que tu es un stagiaire d'Adrien Bidaud qui travail sur l'uranium de retraitement, c'est...
LENIAU Baptiste


02:51 PM CLASS CLASS_4.1_UserGuide.pdf
LENIAU Baptiste


04:27 PM CLASS Support: RE: AddFertileStorage in fabrication Plant
Hi, Franciscon thx you for your well documented post which help me to identify the bug.
The bug comes from the way...
LENIAU Baptiste

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