Fifth meeting (28022024)

Progress since last meeting

Unification of firmwares -> in discussion (Charles seems ok to shift to the PMO version). Paris (LPNHE) should start to be involved in PMO/DAQ version.
Site information in the name of binary blobs files.
Versioning : postponed (no time to do it for Lech). Not easy to align gtot and
Code review/validation should be done... need some people to do it (Marion or/and Xishui @LPNHE should do it). Need to use grandlib tools and define a structure to report issues and comment code.

Naming convention

Ok for RUN in name.
hhmmss in name
No extension from Nancay.
Ask the hardware team to add .bin as extension and hhmmss in name.

Analysis level definition

L0 for simulation (no noise)
L1 for hardware or simulated hardware (noise and/or antenna)

Level in name but is also in metadata of trees
tree with highest level is retreived by default

Sim data (efield, shower) would start at L0, and voltage and adc without noise generated from the efield would also be L0
Hardware data is with noise, so ADC, RawVoltage, Voltage and reconstructed Efield coming from hardware would be L1
ADC generated from Sim + added noise would be L1, and would correspond to the ADC from hardware. So would resulting L1 rawvoltage, voltage, reconstructed efield

So we would have analysis chains:
sim : efield/shower_l0 --> voltage_l0 --> adc_l0 --> adc_l1 (added noise) --> voltage_l1 --> efield_l1 (reconstructed)
hardware : adc_l1 --> rawvoltage_l1 --> voltage_l1 --> efield_l1 (reconstructed)

Data organisation and archiving @CCIN2P3

gtot cannot reprocess old firmware files to produce directory structured root files
Leave old files as they are.


DOI should take care of differences in versions !
Format should not change very often.
If important format change then we will have to think about reprocessing (but too early and no need now).

Data protection

Access for group to handle datas.
Pengxiong for GP13 (by hand).
Fred fro GAA.
Should be automated (Francois will look at it).

Data archiving

Work in progress with CCIN2P3 to have a backup into irods and offer a possibility to download files through the web interface.


Lech and Francois will ask the hardware teams to implement naming conventions (hhmmss instead of hhmm, RUN in name, .bin extension).
Francois will coordinate the efforts to automate the transfert/conversion/archiving of files from observing sites to CCIN2P3 (with Fred and Penxiong).
Lech will implement correct analysis levels in files naming.
Olivier will push usage of grandlib tools and ask Marion/Xishui to report issues as a first code review/validation effort.