ftsmonitor: FTSMonitor-1.5.0 is available

Added by Schwarz Lionel over 13 years ago

This version includes:

  • Transfer log viewer
  • Errors and transfer stats plots
  • Columns sorting on tables
  • Customized format for time display
  • Use binary prefixes (KiB, MiB, GiB) in sizes and throughputs
  • New sensor for history log failures
  • various changes in database information displayed
  • Various security changes
  • Various fixes

See ChangeLog for more details

APCScheduler: version 0.8.3

Added by Colley Jean-Marc over 13 years ago

Cette version gère correctement et pour tous les scheduler ('LOCAL','BQS,'GLITE','GLITE/Parachute') la valeur de retour d'une application/exécutable avec la convention UNIX FinishOK pour 0 et FinishNOK si différent de 0.

ftsmonitor: FTSMonitor-1.4.0 is available

Added by Schwarz Lionel almost 14 years ago

This version includes:

  • a cache system for improving performances
  • support of "site groups"
  • error statistics on the channel page
  • fix for the Webkit browser engine (Safari, Epiphany...)
  • security improvements

See ChangeLog for more details

IN2P3-Forge: Activation des gravatars (1 comment)

Added by Chamont David almost 14 years ago

Le site vous permet d'associer des images à des adresses électroniques, de façon centralisée.
Tous les sites web instrumentés pour Gravatar viennent y chercher ces images. Ainsi, si vous changez votre photo sur Gravatar, elle sera mise à jour sur tous les sites instrumentés où vous avez des comptes.
La forge de l'IN2P3 utilise maintenant les gravatars.
A l'étude : leur utilisation sur le site web RI3.

ftsmonitor: FTSMonitor-1.3.0 is available for download

Added by Schwarz Lionel about 14 years ago

This version includes:
  • support of schema 3.4.1 (FTS 2.2.3)
  • a new filter in the main page for displaying failing channels only
  • new alarms (channel efficiency and BDII publication)
  • a new page for history of transfers of a particular source file
  • tooltips on error messages
  • some security improvements

See ChangeLog

Please README before installing


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