ROUET Jean-René

  • What do you want to do ?: have your own project
  • The name of the project ?: symod
  • Registered on: 04/25/2008
  • Last connection: 10/10/2019


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Reported issues: 205


11:25 AM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #37921 (Closed): Projet redmine
Je clos ce ticket, car vu en direct.
11:23 AM IN2P3-Forge Project Feature #38071 (Feedback): DMSF Features - Lock option
I don't see this feature, where do you see it ?
We don't delegate the superadmin role on this redmine instance.
11:20 AM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #37556 (Feedback): Issue with Chinese partners access
sorry, i don't see this issue, apparently we delete this account ( is very strange from our side).
is i...


11:10 AM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #37584 (Resolved): Redmine Access


10:45 AM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #36370 (Resolved): Not find user to give access
these account are not yet activated, i've just do it.


05:19 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Bug #6886 (Closed): ne pas me notifier des changements que j'effectue ne fonctionne pas
05:18 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Bug #6901 (Closed): Validate the acceptance of special characters in the name of attached files
quiconque n'a pas remonté de problème à ce sujet
05:18 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Bug #6900 (Closed): Authenticate by cas don't work when the account is created but not activated
no interest,, jamais remonté par quiconque
05:17 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Bug #6855 (Closed): impossible to post a news


05:06 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #36234 (Resolved): Storage capacity
there is no limit (some tera octets is not a real limit).
the only limit is the max uploaded file size (5go).

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