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07:59 PM IN2P3-Forge Redmine 1.3.0
Pierre-Etienne a fait passé le moteur Redmine de la version 1.1.0 à la version 1.3.0.
Il a également mis à jour et a...
Chamont David


09:47 PM Oval Feature #18 (Resolved): oval validate -d
Implemented in the head.
To be released in 5_11_3.
Chamont David
09:46 PM Oval Feature #173 (Resolved): oval targets Toto%
Implemented in the head.
To be released in 5_11_3.
Chamont David
09:45 PM Oval Feature #894 (Closed): oval log -d
Done in 5_11_2. Chamont David


11:45 AM Oval Bug #1083: oval log -gui
Muriel would like : one line by target. Chamont David
11:42 AM Oval Bug #1083 (New): oval log -gui
The adaptative nature of the command line interface, which choose dynamically the level of details of its output depe... Chamont David
11:44 AM Oval Bug #1082: NO DIFF
What happens for the targets for which no command has ever been applied ? Chamont David
11:43 AM Oval Bug #1082: NO DIFF
"NO diff" ?
For the building step : "build" => "built" ?
Chamont David
11:38 AM Oval Bug #1082 (New): NO DIFF
When "oval log" displays "NO DIFF", it is not easy for the newcomer to distinguish between "there is no difference" o... Chamont David


05:16 PM Oval Feature #923 (New): oval reset
Pour remettre à zéro les log files, éventuellement effacer les locks de vieux runs mal interrompus, etc. Chamont David

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