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08:46 AM ROD-DASHBOARD Bug #7165: Dates of Alarms for Low availability are reset on each update
I would like to also point possible problem with calculation of duration of alarm displayed in "Alarm age" column.
Szymocha Tadeusz


02:13 PM COD-DASHBOARD Bug #6335: Downtime differently calculated in old and new version
Let's give 1 calendar month :)
I am aware that during February that would mean a few days less, but it would facilit...
Szymocha Tadeusz


02:58 PM COD-DASHBOARD Feature #6341: Over 30 days for A/R and MW.
Well, I try to elaborate :)
The ROD/COD has a ticket visible in dashboard.
Each ticket has different expiration d...
Szymocha Tadeusz
02:40 PM ROD-DASHBOARD Feature #6331: Handling of retirement campaign scenario
I need more time. I will update ticket on 14.03.2014 Szymocha Tadeusz
02:39 PM ROD-DASHBOARD Feature #6330: ROD Performance Index level missing
RPI is not only about closing (automatically or not) alarms.
There are also expired tickets counted - this should be...
Szymocha Tadeusz


01:06 PM COD-DASHBOARD Feature #6340: See in read_only mode the NGI_XXX dashboard
I was thinking about existing solution.
That in ROD dashboard I could select NGI.
In NGI_PL I had all rights.
In o...
Szymocha Tadeusz

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