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Over 30 days for A/R and MW.

Added by Lequeux Olivier about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I remind you about requested new functionality:
"New column over 30 days for A/R and MW.
We could set „pop-up” date for given ticket after which it is presented
to COD (date when COD would like to take a look at given issue). Before
that date the ticket could be shown grayed-out."
Is it implemented?

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Updated by Lequeux Olivier about 8 years ago

Please could you give us details of this feature, have you a more precise description.
Do you talk about both ROD and COD dashboard ?

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Updated by Szymocha Tadeusz about 8 years ago

Well, I try to elaborate :)

The ROD/COD has a ticket visible in dashboard.
Each ticket has different expiration date.

We would like to see "in colors" tickets that require our attention.
We do some action (e.g. update ticket) and set expiration time accordingly (but at any date in future).
Then we exepect that this tickets (with expiration date in future) are grey-out.
We can click on them, edit, whatever, but on the first glance, they should differ form tickets that should be handled given day.
After expiration date, ticket is automatically "colored" to draw ROD/COD shifter attention.

In paralell there should be clear separation between typicall operational issues and middleware tickets (which each could have different expiration date), so the additional column in dashboard was proposed (for retirement campaigns) - but also there this gray-out functionality would be helpfull.

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Updated by Lequeux Olivier about 8 years ago

The behaviour you describe is already available in ROD dashboard, see comments here :, but for COD dashboard we decided when we built this to show problems only.
For us COD people can check mor details in ROD dashboard.
However, we plan to add in COD dashboard 1 column for middleware tickets > 30 days

Could we please just define COD behaviour here regarding to the redmine project, it will be easier for us.

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Updated by Lequeux Olivier almost 8 years ago

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