Version 4.1 available

Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 8 years ago

A new version of CLASS is available for registred user.
The main changes are related to the equivalence model and new ANN weights for mean cross sections predictions

Change Log

- New Equivalence Models (see /documentation/Manual/USEGUIDE.pdf)

Equivalence Model based on PWR_MLP_PWR_MOX for a PWR loaded with MOX containing americium
Generic Equivalence Model for non breeder reactor (using a ANN to predict kinfinite)
Generic Equivalence Model for breeder reactor (ANN predicting keffective @ beggining of cycle)
Equivalence Model which gives the fissile content in the fresh fuel such as the average kinfinite over time is contained in a range.

- Equivalence Models datas

Better default weights for Baker and Ross formula (for FBR-Na)
ANN weight for a PWR-MOX with Am reactor
ANN weight for a PWR-UOX (using Generic non breeder model)
ANN weight for a FBR-Na MOX (using Generic breeder model & average kinfinite)

- Mean Cross section datas

ANN weight for a PWR-MOX with Americium

- Utils

Add utils for the user to train and test neural networks for the new equivalence models

- Other

Manual and doxygen have been updated
Examples have benn updated
Format of .nfo files have changed (see manual)
Install procedure has been simplified : just type ./ in the CLASS root folder : It sets automaticaly path to decay data base and add automatically environment variables. Type ./ -h to know available options

Package can be downloaded in the DMSF tab (choose version 4.1.0) : (forge account requiered)


Version 4 available

Added by LENIAU Baptiste over 9 years ago

Dear CLASS users,

A brand new version of your favorite dynamical fuel cycle code has just been released.
The major update is related to the handling of reactor data bases. The user can now create his own model to predict fresh fuel fissile content (EquivalenceModel) and mean cross sections (XSModel). Additionally, the Bateman solver can be overloaded thanks to the IrradiationModel class. Futhermore, additional EquivalenceModel has been set up, such as neural network, baker & ross , quadratic. The prediction of mean cross sections can be made by the use of neural network using the TMVA module of Root software. In the package, several data bases are provided allowing to simulates : PWR-UOX (with variable enrichment), PWR-MOX, FBR-Na (MOX).

What's new ?
-an user manuel
-a doxygen

New features :
The Physics Models : This class and derivative's allow the user to set up new equivalence model Cross section model and Irradiation model (bateman solver).
handling of fission product : is now working. However, as only (n,gamma); (n,fission) and (n,2n) reaction are handled , some fission product may be predict with a low accuracy.
CLASSFuelPlan: allow to change fuel type and/or burnup during Reactor life time.
And other surprises to be discover by reading the manual.
New Data bases :
FBR-Na (MOX), PWR-UOX (with variable enrichment).

package can be downloaded in the DMSF tab : (forge account requiered)

Your Servant B&B


Version 3 available

Added by MOUGINOT Baptiste over 10 years ago

Dear CLASS Users,

Your servants (B&B) are please to inform you that the third version of CLASS is now available.

In addition of some bug corrections, you can find in this version :

- new C++ Object : CLASSObject and CLASSFacility : all CLASS class inherit of CLASS Object, and all facilities of CLASSFacility,

- new class : ZAIMass, the goal of this class is to store the mass of each nuclei - actually only some Actinides... but should be increased soon,

- rewriting the reprocessed fuel evolution calculation method, for speed optimization and :
- inclusion of all nuclei in the evolution chart (using the CHART.jeff3T file (in the source/data directory))...
- New RK4 evolution method (),
- the old matrix evolution method is still available, but could be very long if the lifetime cut off is too small...
- both evolution method use 10 flux renormalization between 2 evolution steps,
- start to include fission yield for FP but still buggy.. correction coming soon (but don't worry this is not use by default)

- reactor renormalizes automatically the evolution data using the fuel mass,

- A new post-analysis Gui tool is available (need to be compiled and add to your $path)

Your servants

B&B (BLG & BaM)


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