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AGATA DAQ Reporter 01/04/2014
Electronic Control and Monitoring Programmer 01/03/2014
Topology Manager Programmer, Advanced Reporter 06/04/2013



09:46 AM AGATA DAQ Bug #7655 (New): E-log
It seems that the HTTPS of the elog is not working fine.
I cannot open the elog in some browser, and in other, I ge...
Ralet Damian


03:25 PM Electronic Control and Monitoring Bug #5938 (Closed): Error in the buildcfg
There were two time a master carrier assigned to a crystal. Ralet Damian


01:30 PM Electronic Control and Monitoring Bug #5938 (Closed): Error in the buildcfg
Problem seems solved. It was comming from a data-base error. Ralet Damian
01:08 PM Electronic Control and Monitoring Bug #5938 (Closed): Error in the buildcfg
I change the data-base, and I am getting this on the new buildcfg. I dont know if it is due to a base error or someth... Ralet Damian


10:54 AM Electronic Control and Monitoring Bug #5759: bug checknarvalnodes 1
I will give feedback on the next reboot. Ralet Damian
10:53 AM AGATA DAQ Support #5838: /agatadisks
My question is to understand what happend the morning of the crash. What is the reason for this crash.
Since it is t...
Ralet Damian
08:31 AM AGATA DAQ Support #5838: /agatadisks
Was the non disk access due to the crash of anodeds1? Or anodeds1 with the event_builder on it induced the crash? Ralet Damian


08:53 AM AGATA DAQ Support #5837 (Closed): anodeds1 lost
During the night, we lost all access to disk.
At 8h30 in the morning, we saw that narval was stuck. It is not possi...
Ralet Damian


04:56 PM Electronic Control and Monitoring Feature #5836 (Closed): setup with a wait
It will be nice to have a system waiting a user command in the setup, once all carriers are done. Ralet Damian


01:47 PM Topology Manager Feature #5725: propagation of OFF status to the GTS tree
It is needed to switch off the ancillary as well. I am not sure it is done yet.
Thank you.
Ralet Damian

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