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mon-grid-fr Manager 09/16/2009
KickSlot Manager, Programmer, Reporter, Documentation Manager 07/07/2014
Lavoisier Manager, Programmer, Reporter, Documentation Manager 06/24/2010
operations-portal-users Manager 09/18/2009
AR Manager 05/28/2013
BROADCAST Manager 10/02/2012
COD-DASHBOARD Manager 03/03/2014
ROD-DASHBOARD Manager 03/12/2012
SECURITY-DASHBOARD Manager 08/22/2011
VO-DASHBOARD Manager 09/20/2011
VO-IDCARD Manager 03/06/2014
IN2P3-Forge Manager 04/15/2014



12:52 PM ROD-DASHBOARD Task #8107 (Resolved): Add Reopen step for GGUS ticket
L'Orphelin Cyril
12:52 PM ROD-DASHBOARD Feature #8645 (In progress): ROD dashboard: only verify when closing ticket
L'Orphelin Cyril
12:51 PM operations-portal-users Bug #11031 (Resolved): Vo yearly validation - one year auto send mail script
L'Orphelin Cyril


10:44 AM operations-portal-users Feature #35045 (New): Tasks for the release
With the new dashboard several tasks need to be performed .
* upgrade the schema
* add tables
L'Orphelin Cyril
10:41 AM operations-portal-users Feature #35044 (New): New ROD dashboard
h1. Main objectives
Replace the current dashboards (rod dashboard , security dashboard , vo dashboard , cod dashbo...
L'Orphelin Cyril


02:11 PM Lavoisier Feature #28611 (In progress): Security weakness : Forward Secrecy
L'Orphelin Cyril
02:11 PM Lavoisier Feature #28611 (Resolved): Security weakness : Forward Secrecy
Lavoisier server does not support Forward Secrecy with the reference browsers .
Forward secrecy (FS) also known as...
L'Orphelin Cyril
02:09 PM Lavoisier Feature #28605 (Resolved): Security weakness : Diffie-Hellman key
Improve the security of Lavoisier for Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange parameters .
Diffie-Hellman key exchange is...
L'Orphelin Cyril


09:00 AM Lavoisier Bug #27816 (Resolved): Shell / Remctl Connector - Scripts pendus
Pour le portail utilisateurs, un grand nombre de vues utilisent le connector RemCtl.
J'observe sur la machine que un...
L'Orphelin Cyril


03:24 PM Lavoisier User questions: RE: How can I use the ?

You can add several values into the using the key=value principle and you can use it a...
L'Orphelin Cyril

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