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New ROD dashboard

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Main objectives

Replace the current dashboards (rod dashboard , security dashboard , vo dashboard , cod dashboard) by one dashboard
  • To facilitate the maintenance
  • To upgrade Symfony version
  • To remove specificities and historical workflows
  • To propose a customized service
  • There is no more obligation to perform ROD duties/ to follow Operators procedures so we need to provide more adapted/flexible tools

Main changes

  • Remove COD dashboard (not used anymore) - the monitoring of the NGI efficiency is currently based on Availabilities / Reliabilities - there is no more needs to follow precisely the NGI actions
  • Remove Middleware columns - used only 2 times in 10 years for middleware campaigns
    • the mechanism will be replaced by The possibility to see alarms related to a given profile (OPS_MONITOR, ARGO_MON_OPERATORS …)
    • The possibility to register dedicated template for tickets
  • Remove specific workflows especially tickets escalation
    • Open a ticket / Update a ticket / Close and verify a ticket
    • Keep only templates at the opening and closure
  • Remove all imposed filters and propose customised filters for users:
    • Possibility to see all sites - even those which are not in production / certified / which have no problems (tickets or alarms)
    • Possibility to see all alarms - even those which are not in critical status
    • Possibility to see all alarm which are not in the operations list, the mechanism will be replaced by
    • The possibility to see alarms related to a given profile (OPS_MONITOR, ARGO_MON_OPERATORS …)
  • Remove the NGI view (summary of problems by NGI) - this view was just an entry point before going to a given site list . So the user will go directly to this list with multiple possibility to filter it .
  • Remove the notions of “tickets on going”, “tickets expiring” ,”tickets expired”
    • Just expose the expiration date with a color code (green, orange and red)
  • The detailed menu will be removed and replaced by links and action buttons in the different tables
  • Clean-up of the alarms : we will keep the current clean up for ok alarms not assigned to a a ticket (after 3 days in ok status) and we will add a clean up of all alarms not assigned after 15 days .
  • Acknowledgement of alarm
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