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10:39 AM Pipelet Bug #4068: Tagging works randomly with konqueror
I think I undestand the issue better:
Automatic refresh causes the tagging to simply abort in mozilla browser, while...
Betoule Marc


09:52 AM Pipelet Bug #4068 (New): Tagging works randomly with konqueror
I can't manage to tag properly a segment when browsing the web interface with konqueror 4.8.4.
Three attempts in a r...
Betoule Marc


11:00 AM Pipelet Task #3954 (New): Documentation: Environment cheat sheet
I feel the need for this every day: a single sheet documenting the API of the standard environment functions. Betoule Marc
10:49 AM Pipelet Task #1178: writing mysql and postgre backends
The lack for concurrent access proves to be a real issue when the number of workers increase as it prevents completel... Betoule Marc


11:19 AM Pipelet Feature #1285 (Closed): Creation of a .pipelet directory
I think that the various default concerning the web interface should become something like:
.pipelet -> .pipelet/pip...
Betoule Marc


02:53 PM Pipelet Bug #1277 (Resolved): Problem in tracker when creating indexes on the tasks table in the sqlite3 database
This problem is really strange, maybe its just coincidence...
After creating indexes on the tasks table with
Betoule Marc


10:55 AM Pipelet Bug #1274 (Closed): Web interface throw 500 Internal Server Error when no task is registered
I think we should catch this and print something less dramatic like:
no computed pipeline
Here is the full exceptio...
Betoule Marc


03:18 PM Pipelet Task #1268 (Closed): Reduce as much as possible the size of the test dataset
bzip2 test/cmb/WG2_large_galactic_mask_256.fits 3MB -> 12KB
bzip2 test/cmb/lambda_best_fit.txt 92KB -> 29KB
and s...
Betoule Marc
12:03 PM Pipelet Task #1263 (Closed): needs some refactoring
The main problem is poor performance of the get_hook_file function due to redundant calls to glob with similar patter... Betoule Marc


03:12 PM Pipelet Bug #1214 (Closed): Wrong error message when hook files are not found
for a segment named zpfit2loc using code from:
include the line hook('data',globals())
I receive an erro...
Betoule Marc

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