Present : E. Clement, E. Legay, C. Michelagnoli, B. Raine, F. Saillant

Simple questions

What means : Prepare an experiment?

  1. Month before experiment : calibration of detectors independantly
  2. Merging of all dataflow coming from different detectors
    • use signals coming from a unique detector
    • question : Possible to have a GTS (AGAVA) alone for configuration phase ?

What means : Configuration of AGATA?

For a new cluster :
  1. Check of signal from clusters
  2. Build, check and addition of an electronic line in global setup
  3. Configuration of Narval with a new cluster
    • Use of ...
When all clusters are configured:
  1. Add event builder in Narval topology

What means calibration?

When everything is configured:
  • Modification of threshold and parameter of trapeze in segment mezzanine
    • Need long trace
  • Modification of configuration files generated by script (for narval parameters)

What means supervision?

  • rate of rejection/ acc of GTS
  • Bytes in / out in narval actors
  • PSA event / sec (with CPU load)
  • Backpressure

And on error ?

Anyway, we stop the run before any action!


Idea to keep in mind

  • Adding PSA database in TM
  • Difference between Crystal ID and Crystal position ...
  • Information about dead segment
  • Lookuptable position / coordinate ...


Step 0 - Narval (for AGATA) integration in GANIL RCC (End of June)

  • (Beers)
  • Daemon to start/stop servers remotely
    • Need to give interface sooner possible to B. Raine
  • NFS common to share AGATA configuration files in GANIL world
  • GANIL script to start / stop AGATA servers
  • Common OpenLDAP
  • Updated TM
    • Multi user
    • Autogenerated Narval conf files
    • Update of ""
  • Fake GEC to check bridge RCC -> GEC

Step 0' - Electronic preparation

  • need to reconfigure whole electronic lines

Step 1 - Adding GEC and electronic (20 July)

  • Use of GEC
  • Need to check
    • VHDL0 and VHDL1 control / configuration
    • GTS standalone or with trigger

Step 2 - Coupling VAMOS and AGATA

  • Need actor to convert MFM data to ADF one
  • Adding filter to analyze VAMOS data ?

Step 3 - GCC power

  • Definition of GCC roles
  • Removing #$%@ing NFS
  • (beers)