Present : E. Legay, N. Menard, B. Raine, F. Saillant, J.L. Foucher, O. Halot

Definitions and terminology

lxagata0 / ganagata: Official AGATA gateway. Entry point for all external traffic (ssh, vpn, grid, web ....)
  • Virtual machine managed by AGATA staff.
  • 2 gigabit network interface: GANIL DMZ and AGATA general network
  • Still to do:
    • Check log system -> Y. Aubert and G2I
    • Gives access to GANIL administrator -> Y. AUbert and G2I
ganagatadata: Link between AGATA DAQ and GANIL DAQ.
  • Physical machines managed by AGATA staff
  • 3 network interface: GANIL DAQ (Gb), AGATA DAQ (10 Gb) and AGATA general network (Gb)
  • Provides common disk space to both DAQs to manage configurqation files
  • All anodeds should be configured to take the role
  • Still to do:
    • Opening ports between both network -> G2I
    • Sharing limited NFS space to GANIL -> AGATA
    • Configuring all anodeds in case ... -> AGATA
ganagatagrid: machine dedicated to manage grid access.
  • Based on sunxfire from CC
  • One network interface: GANIL DMZ (Gb)
  • No warranty on machine, but spares
  • Synchronize data from AGATA through lxagata0
  • Still to do:
    • Providing cookbook to install grid client -> AGATA
    • Updating script for GANIL configuration -> ????

Room 19: server room

Other stuff

About DSS

The 2 machines for the DSS will be hosted on GANIL network.

About users

All AGATA users have to sign GANIL charts.

Both system have to use the same user space to share correctly UID, asking only one passwd for each user.
We will use the GANIl system: each experiment will have a dedicated user name with specific password.

  • Problems to check
    • Implications for narval in AGATA world
    • Implications for Visu machines
    • Implications for anode servers
    • Implications for anodeds servers
  • Still to do
    • Cordinate AGATA openLDAP with the GANIL one -> Y. Aubert and G2I
    • Configuring correctly all machines

About external services

All traffic goes through lxagata0.

VPN is open from any IN2P3 / IRFU machines.

About PDUs

PDU are manageable. Need to connect them to AGATA switch and to test fonctionnalities.

Planning suggestion

  1. Installation - 3 to 6 of June -> E. Legay + GANIL
    • Machine installation
    • Adding cables
  2. Network configuration - 10 to 13 of June -> Y. Aubert + G2I + ...
    • Configuring gateway
    • Configuring LDAP with new users system
    • Cleaning / Configuring anode master
    • Configuring anodeds master
  3. Software deployment - D+1 -> AGATA + GANIL
    • D = PDUs powered
    • TBD tomorrow and later