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Project Roles Registered on
AGATA Reporter 06/25/2012
AGATA DAQ Programmer, Reporter 07/10/2012
OFT Programmer 05/28/2009
Electronic Control and Monitoring Manager 06/25/2012
Topology Manager Manager 06/16/2010
CORTO Programmer 06/16/2015
PEM Programmer 04/10/2015
SEMIRAMIS Manager 04/22/2013
DAQ4NP - Formation Manager 12/12/2013
DCOD Manager 12/10/2012
CTL Manager 12/10/2012
Dcod Launcher Manager 05/28/2014
DDP Manager 12/10/2012
ENX Manager 03/02/2009
Narval Manager, Programmer 10/27/2011
Narval Standalone Manager 07/06/2017
PMH Manager 12/10/2012
CVISU Programmer 04/30/2019



05:12 PM DCOD dcod-5fbb2715a65b.tgz
Dosme Nicolas
05:12 PM DCOD p42-d63855d81695.tgz
Dosme Nicolas


06:19 PM DCOD Bug #8669 (New): error during compilation
when compilling ("make") the first time dcod there is an error about dcod_shell that is missing.
if relaunch directl...
Dosme Nicolas
06:17 PM DCOD Feature #8668 (New): filterdiff is missing
when launching ./configure , if filterdiff is missing the error message could help the user by specifying that on deb... Dosme Nicolas
06:14 PM DCOD Feature #8667 (New): uuid missing
uuid is needed at compilation time but it is not checked in ./configure
Dosme Nicolas


12:35 PM AGATA Bug #7706: update IRC services
you have to use Dosme Nicolas
12:34 PM AGATA Bug #7706: update IRC services
il faut utiliser maintenant. Dosme Nicolas


10:58 AM Electronic Control and Monitoring Feature #5836 (Closed): setup with a wait
done at GSI. Dosme Nicolas


03:43 PM AGATA DAQ Task #7035 (Feedback): Get end of run magic script
The script is ~prototype/bin/SAS (for example on narval-base)
Here is the code:...
Dosme Nicolas


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