What means topology manager ?

TM is designed to store the topology of all electronic device use on AGATA project.
The topology is the set of electronic (node) used from crystal to computing node and the relation between nodes.

It must provides to other software information about the current topology through soap request.

The type of used node can be :
  • detetector : set of clusters
  • cluster : set of crystals
  • crystal : linked to digitizers (old or new one)
  • digitizer : linked to preprocessing cards
  • old preprocessing cards
    • set of 2 carrier cards with 7 mezzanines + 1 GTS leaf
    • linked to 2 linco1 cards or 1 linco2 card
  • new preprocessing card : plugged in a computing node
  • linco1 and linco2 : plugged in a computing node
  • GTS tree :
    • GTS have 4 link to interconnect to others GTS
    • GTS root : linked to 4 others GTS cards
    • GTS ?? : linked to 1 upper GTS ? or to GTS root and to 3 "lower" GTS
    • GTS leaf : linked to 1 upper GTS ??? or to GTS root
      • Plugged on old preprocessing cards or embedded on new one ....

Definition of new TM

The TM have to be fully compliant with previous SOAP interface. This is the main constraint.


Each node of the topology manager have more detailed information. Look at forum for more information on this subject.

When information is asking about one node, TM must answer with information about all device linked (directly and indirectly) to this node.

We want to be able to activate or inactivate all electronics linked to a detector or a cluster or a crystal.

The best should be to have a synchronization with the official AGATA DB to have a list of existing nodes up to date ....


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