RCC To Topology Manager connection


  • perl scripts (GANIL environment) can
    • remotely (ganil to agata)
      • start Narval
      • kill all Narval actors and sub_system_coordinator
    • locally (ganil to ganil)
      • create /agata/experiments/$ENV{USER}/$ENV{EXPERIMENT_NAME} directory
      • create a link in ganil_manip/$ENV{EXPERIMENT_NAME}/agata to /agata/experiments/$ENV{USER}/$ENV{EXPERIMENT_NAME}
  • topology manager can
    • provide xml file compatible with RCC generated from agatadevices data base
      • rcc layout file is also generated
    • place the generated files in /agata/experiments/$ENV{USER}/$ENV{EXPERIMENT_NAME} directory


On a GANIL ACQ PC do :

Prompt> su -
Prompt# mount -t nfs /agata


ssh tunneling

  • One still need to know narval password on anodeds4 to be able to connect
    • a ssh key have be generated
      • for the moment it have to be installed by hand
      • we have to create a "ssh tunnel" only user : proposition of name ganiltunnel
        • ganiltunnel account created, connection for ssh tunnel implies a password or a ssh key (which will only allow ssh tunneling)
    • Shorewall is the solution to replace the tunneling
 ssh -N -L 6080:narval-base:6081 ganiltunnel@

Investigate activation of crystal speedup

  • activate a crystal can take time

From command line :

for i in `cat crystal_save.xml | grep ON  | awk '{print tolower($3)}' | sed -e
's/name\=\"//' | sed -e 's/\"//'`;do echo $i;tm_xml_access SET_ACTIVE_CRYSTAL

GANIL Narval Install

  • the process should install dcod launcher shell automatically
    • DAQ team should provide minimal tar archive to do so