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The EGI CSIRT operates several monitoring services that collect various information from the sites and provide an overview of the infrastructure in terms of operational security. Currently two services are in production: the EGI security Nagios box launching security-related probes and system Pakiti evaluating the patching status of the compute resources. Other services may appear in the future.

These monitoring services provide their own interfaces to access results, which is obviously not suitable for routine operations. The goal of the EGI security dashboard will be to aggregate data produced by the EGI security monitoring and provide ways of manipulating with the data. The dashboard will be linked to the EGI information services (namely GOC DB) and other operation tools (ticketing system) so that the EGI security people could have a single interface to view the data and handle them.

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Role Name Email
EGI CSIRT Team mailing-list
Project supervisor Daniel Kouril
Dev. team operations-portal team
Nagios probe Christos Triantafyllidis
Pakiti Michal Prochazka
LDAP service Martin Kuba
Security incident report CSIRT


Issue Handling Summary
Operational Security Procedures
REST - Request Tracker Wiki
Pakiti product
Common CVEs
CVE code definition example
Nagios states


CSIRT Computer Security Incident Response Team
CVE Common vulnerability & exposures
SVG Software vulnerability Group
SSO Single Sign-On

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