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Dear Support,

To use efficently, Issues on SVOM project, please could you add the permissions to the Roles "SVOM Partners" to add Watchers and see them.
Moreover I catch an old mapping on permission on SVOM project and its sub-project. I put in red my need explained before and in yellow cell I have doubt:
- Only the Manager can remove file

Finally, could you add also permission to "SVOM Partners" to allow them to modify the status of the issue.

Don't hesitate to contact me if needed.

Have a nice day┬Á.

Best regards,


Synthese_Permissions_Roles_Redmine_2019-05-07.xlsx (15 KB) Juin Anthony, 05/07/2019 11:12 AM


#1 Updated by Juin Anthony about 1 year ago

Dear Support,

in complement of the previous request, could you add also the permissions to change the Responsible/Assign to of an Issue to "SVOM Partners" roles.

Have nice day.

Best regards,

Anthony JUIN.

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