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VO Jump

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Hi Cyril,

I had a quick check on this 'old' ticket about how to detect VO jumps on the number of users.
Accordingly with the dashboard, improvements on the VO User Metrics were done on version 2.9.2 (26 March 2012). Current production version is 2.9.5

UCST goal is to assess in a easy way which VO's are contributing the most to sudden jumps/drops on the reported number of users.
It is currently possible to either produce a chart (and download the corresponding CSV entries) or as a table for the 'User's metrics'.
Obviously, to assess such jumps/drops the easiest way will be to download the user history numbers from all VO's.

There is no 'ALL' entry in the VO list drop-down menu (which is obvious to not overload the system with such a query, but then how can I get the full picture of what's happening?).
Nonetheless, just to try to see the performance on the system, I selected all VO's manually but the time to get the chart produced (and thus be able to download CSV) is prohibitively low (I was not able to produce the graph), even for a 1 month timeframe.

Is there another approach that could be put in place for UCST to have access to such kind of data?

Thank you.

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