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    Project de refonte du site des operations du projet EGEE

  • Registered on: 07/15/2009
  • Last connection: 03/02/2021



Reported issues: 188


11:51 AM operations-portal-users Feature #2225 (Rejected): Subscription to dashboard alarms
Study the feasability for the operations portal to provide the feature of subscription of site admins to Nagios ala...


06:37 PM operations-portal-users Feature #1107 (Rejected): ROD mailing list storage
Wouldn't it be obvious to have NGI store their rod contact mailing list in GOCDB,
So that the Broadcat feature coul...
10:40 AM operations-portal-users Feature #1104 (Rejected): Default values for e-mail contact information in "notepad creation" and...
My point is that I think it is better that the default values are void for the following fields: Site, NGI/ROC or RO...


05:46 PM operations-portal-users Feature #1102 (Rejected): customized area for each ROD teams reference on the operations dashboard
For example : I would like to be able to refer to a set of useful links ready on hand on the dashboard interface


10:32 AM operations-portal-users Bug #574 (Rejected): Access Metrics
- put in place report on *the short term* to illustrate use of the portal:
metrics on access to features on the Oper...


12:42 PM operations-portal-users Feature #199: Add a nice overview of downtimes
Suggestion de Feature :
A priori cette feature est aussi utilisée "après-coup" pour justifier de downtimes dans le ...


10:16 AM operations-portal-users Feature #199: Add a nice overview of downtimes

1 - Concernant le "Notice", merci de:
- Enlever le "So".
- Mettre les deux phrase sur deux lignes di...


05:14 AM operations-portal-users Bug #475 (Closed): REMINDER : downtime () [ to UTC ]
There are several broadcast with the above subject for several days now sent to cic-information. The content of mails...


10:48 AM operations-portal-users Feature #199 (Assigned): Add a nice overview of downtimes
message en cas de risque d'affichage défectueux -- au-delà de Y resultats provenant de la requête de l'utilisateur --...
05:31 AM operations-portal-users Bug #467 (Closed): Downtime notifications mechanism
Whatever the query e.g over a whole year 2008 for any given federation, a.g France, the query results in :
GOC downt...

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