Canehan Xavier

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Reported issues: 679


10:57 AM Smurf Bug #3673 (Feedback): gestion des options de smupdate
Le parsing des options de smupdate est trop zélé :
% smupdate -set comment='vierge, donnee au LPNHE' ccdcacsn1{18....


03:46 PM Smurf Bug #3331 (Resolved): support de syntaxe cisco pour les MAC
En plus du support de la syntaxe avec ou sans ":" dans les mac, le support de la syntaxe cisco serait un plus :


10:11 AM Smurf Bug #3311 (Resolved): add '-up' shortcut to smelect
Seems that -up flag is no more available:...


10:32 AM Smurf Bug #3246 (Resolved): wildcards and smelect shortcuts
L'utilisation de jokers dans les flags n'est plus possible depuis la mise en place des raccourcis :


06:19 PM Smurf Feature #2996 (Closed): sming should behave accordlingly to hardware type
Several hardware items in Smurf DB do not respond correctly when pinged to often : PDU, Cooling Units.
Using in plac...


10:21 AM Smurf Feature #1845 (Resolved): smdelete prompt should accept partial answer
smdelete enforces answer as full lower-case. For inattentive users, it may quit silently when ansered a single "y" :
09:36 AM Smurf Feature #1844 (Resolved): smdelete "really-remove" inelegant
Option name "really-delete" is inelegant and counter-intuitive.
Let's call it "really-delete" which is only inelegant.

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