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DAQ4NP - Formation Programmer 12/12/2013
Narval Programmer 05/04/2009
CVISU Manager 01/30/2014



02:37 PM ENX Bug #12993 (New): _init.enx
File not found error message to change to something else... Nguyen-Kim Kane


05:11 PM PEM Bug #12978 (New): pem-sync pull
add a progress bar when downloading the realm Nguyen-Kim Kane
05:00 PM PEM Feature #12976 (New): pem-sync co_pem
automatically update the ~/.bashrc with the entry :
path=/opt/pem/bin:$PATH at the end of 'pem-sync co_pem'
Nguyen-Kim Kane
04:54 PM PEM Feature #12975 (New): pem-sync co_pem
Show default values when asking for 'server hostname', 'server port', 'rsyncd port' and 'local repository' Nguyen-Kim Kane
04:52 PM PEM Feature #12974 (New): pem-sync cp_pem
add a progress bar when downloading the pem environnement for the first time because after entering the 'local reposi... Nguyen-Kim Kane


03:54 PM ENX Feature #8693 (New): sauver log_level
Le log_level devrait ĂȘtre sauvĂ© lors du !save Nguyen-Kim Kane

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