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    Pipelet is a free framework allowing for creation, manipulation, execution and browsing of scientific data processing pipelines. It provides:
    – easy chaining of interdependent elementary tasks,
    – web access to data products,
    – branch handling,
    – automated distribution of computational tasks.
    Both engine and web interface are written in Python.

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Reported issues: 101


02:31 PM Pipelet Feature #9534 (New): logging of stdout and stderr
cf http://www.electricmonk.nl/log/2011/08/14/redirect-stdout-and-stderr-to-a-logger-in-python/
Il suffit d'ajouter...


04:21 PM SphereLib Bug #8995 (New): python2.7-config
waf check_python_header failed is python2.7-config is a shell script (sometimes it is a python script).


05:13 PM Pipelet Feature #8262 (New): LocalRepository: recursive search of segment source script
define a rule (which one first) then add a recursive search.
05:12 PM Pipelet Bug #8216 (Resolved): dict 2 str


11:49 AM Pipelet Bug #8216 (Resolved): dict 2 str
conversion from dict to string may change as dict are not ordered.
change str_file in utils.py


03:30 PM Pipelet Bug #4855 (Closed): pipelet.utils.rebuild_db_from_disk


09:17 PM SphereLib Bug #3914 (Closed): fitsio dependancy


05:19 PM Pipelet Feature #3992 (New): directory in data with specific color
from the web interface, user directories are not clearly visible
shoud use specific color and maybe a reordering by ...


02:08 PM Pipelet Bug #3913 (Closed): db rebuild from disk
12:33 PM SphereLib Bug #3914 (Closed): fitsio dependancy
remove default external fitsio option
check header from waf and set accordingly
provide default targz in the libcfi...

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