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    Implementation Geant4.9.5/Geant4.9.6 and ROOT

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01:47 PM G4IDS Task #5547: [Three Body Decay]
<Next Steps:
- introduce the theoretical curve on the different canvas to have a grapical comparison.
- reproduce t...
Sotty Christophe


03:53 PM G4IDS Task #5547 (New): [Three Body Decay]
Create a generator for internal pair creation (e+ e- recoil) with proper kinemtics and energy.
We envisaged to use...
Sotty Christophe
02:35 PM G4IDS Task #5538 (New): [Config 2009-2012] MiniBall Efficiency
Comparing the experimental to the simulated efficiencies, a large factor is observed.
The simulated effic...
Sotty Christophe
02:21 PM G4IDS Task #5537 (New): [Config 2009-2012] Estimated position of the implantation point
An estimation of the source position offset(on the z-ais) respect to the beta detector is requested in order to quant... Sotty Christophe
02:01 PM G4IDS Task #5536 (New): [Config 2009-2012] Gaussian-like vs Point-like source
In order to bring some reproduction accuracy, a 2D random generator for the position will be created.
The estimate...
Sotty Christophe
01:56 PM G4IDS Task #5535 (New): [Config 2009-2012] Beta-"gamma (induced)" coincidences
Produce effciency curves of beta-"gamma induced" for all the combinations of plastic-core.
This work has already bee...
Sotty Christophe


06:37 PM G4IDS g4miniball_0.6.2.tar.gz
Version available on the MiniBall wiki, it constitutes the basis of the current G4IDS package. Sotty Christophe

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