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# Tracker Subject Story Points
7108 Feature Link the AR to the sam central instance
10360 Feature Test New menu
11567 Feature Add the notification by email of the security issues
12995 Feature Documentation of the metrics 2
13959 Feature Remove permalink in archive detail 2
13960 Feature Create permalink page for Vo Id card 1
13961 Feature Broadcast counter 3
13962 Bug Contact List in Vo update 3
14007 Feature Documentation of the CSI dashboard 2
14025 Bug Synchronization of the code
14134 Bug [GGUS Ticket] - Vo Creation
14136 Bug [GGUS Ticket] - Vo rejection
14137 Bug [GGUS Ticket] - Operations Portal VOMS details bug
14139 Feature Add Help in VO Registration page
14140 Feature Replace VO_save by VO

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