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Installation guide

Working with PEM

Working with an environment

To download a new environment, you have to check if the environment is available for your distribution :

legay@localhost:> pem-sync list  .... -realm=REALM_NAME

If environment is available, you have to pull it

Creating new realm

Adding tool in a realm

Creating environment in a realm

Tool list

To use pem tools, you have the following commands:
  • Fetch and use
    • pem-sync - use to retrieve information or environment instantiation from a server
    • pem-source - use to set linux environment variable
  • Build
    • pem-build - use to generate environment instantiations
  • Repository information
    • pem-local - use to retrieve information from a local repository
    • pem-cleaner - use to clean environments and tools builds
  • Manage
  • Services
    • pem-server - distribute information, instantiations
    • Distributed PEM


  • /PEM_installation/bin
    • contains pem executables
  • /PEM_installation/magic
    • contains database used by libmagic
  • /PEM_installation/tools
    • contains what is needed to build
  • /PEM_installation/environments
    • contains the tree of realm / arch / distribution / instantiations of builded tools
  • /PEM_installation/builds
    • contains the result of all pem-build works