Manager's Guide

Golden rule : when you add a new manager to your own projects, please ask that they are integrated as reporters in project IN2P3-Forge, and ask them to read the present guide.

Communication with the forge administrators

The forge administrators are also the managers of project IN2P3-Forge. In case of problems, you have several communication options :
  • direct email to one or several administrators, for light informal problems ;
  • post a new topic in IN2P3-Forge forums, if you want to share the problem with other users and managers of the forge ;
  • create a new entry in IN2P3-Forge issues, if you want a more formal follow-up of your bug or demand.

Your specific tasks

From time to time, you will be asked by forge administrators to bless (or not) the demand of a new user who declared your project as his reference project. Once you've acknowledgded the demand, the administrators will activate the new user, and then it is up to you to add this user to your project with the relevant role (see the tab "settings" in your project page).

Please follow the forums topics and new issues which are posted in project IN2P3-Forge. They can be sometimes used by the forge administrators so to ask something to the community of all project managers, for example when about to change something in document#95.

Tip and tricks

"I do not see the wiki tab"

This tab is only displayed if you have given a name to the wiki start page.
Sometimes the forge administrators have done it for you when creating the project, sometimes they forget...