Embedded plugin

Activate the plugin


Prepare documentation

you have to prepare the documentation before upload. the structure should respect this example :

  • html
    • index.html
    • javadoc
      • index.html
      • ...
    • doxygen
      • index.html
      • ...

the minimal content of the root index.html file :

    <a href="javadoc/index.html">javadoc project documentation </a>
    <a href="doxygen/index.html">doxygen project documentation</a>

if you respect this structure, the stylesheets are applied to the corresponding documentation.

documentation (doxygen for example) are to be generated without frames feature and javascript feature (you should read the documentation to enable this).

zip the folder and...

Upload documentation

wait some seconds (it depends on your documentation size and network bandwidth)

you can see an example here :