Beginner's Guide

Ask for an account

Use the button called "Register" or "S'enregistrer" at the top right of the main page. If you are member of IN2P3 or IRFU, please provide your official professional email.

If you provide such an IN2P3 or IRFU email address, you can select any "reference" project, such as "SandBox" if you do not want to join a given predefined project, or you can ask for the creation of a new project. In the latter case, select "new project" as the reference project, and fill the subsequent fields "new project name", "private project" and eventually "description".

If you provide a non-IN2P3 and non-IRFU email address, you can either :
  • select "SandBox" and ask any IN2P3 or IRFU member to contact the forge administrators so to support your demand.
  • select one of the public project, whose manager knows you, who will support your demand when we will ask him about.

In case of problem, post a new topic in the relevant forum of the current project.

Setup your account

Your can reach your account settings with the button "My account" at the top right of the window.
Currently, the email address that you have declared is potentially visible to any anonynomous visitor.
It is therefore recommended to tick "Hide my email address".

For what concerns the photo associated with your account, the forge is interfaced with Gravatar.
See .

In case of problem, post a new topic in the relevant forum of the current project.

Ask to be member of a given project

When you already an activated account, there is currently no form so to ask to join a given project.

If the project is public, you can look at the project pages and search for the managers electronic adresses, or post a topic to some forums of the project, or open a new ticket.

If the project is private, probably you heard about the project from someone who is part of it. Contact him.

If nothing else succeded, your last hope is to post a new topic in the relevant forum of the current project.

Ask to create a new project

If you need a new project at the moment you create your account, select the reference project "New Project" and fill the following fields accordingly.

If you need a new project later on, send an email to the managers of this project (IN2P3-Forge Project), or create an issue, or post a message in the relevant forum .

When your new project is created, you will be added as reporter to the current IN2P3-Forge project (if you are not already).

Setup your new project

Some tips and tricks:
  • If you have activated the wiki module, you must define the wiki start page in the settings, or the wiki tab may not appear.