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Community: H=Hep, B=Bio
LRMS xGE : U=Univa, O=Oracle, S=Sun/openSource, SO=Son Of GE
Site Contact Cluster aka LRMS Version Servers K-Cores K-HS06 Supports Comments
CC-IN2P3 H Prod Cluster de Production OGE 6.2U6 1300 17 145 Cream-CE,AFS,Kerberos, Gpfs, NFS, CREAM-CE
Bird SGE <1
Naf Nat. Analysis Facility SGE 4
GRID Torque-Maui 5 Cream-CE Tests Son of GE planned
DESY-Zth H WF kerberos(Arc)
Zeuthen-Farm UGE 8.0.0p1 1
Parallel Cluster UGE 8.0.0p1 1
NAF Nat. Analysis Facility SGE 6.2u5p2 3
FNAL H considering a future GE deployment for the next General Purpose Grid Cluster deployment
IFCA-LCG2 H ALG (ownBuilt) SOGE 8.0.0d 2.6 NFSv4, GPFS, Infiniband for //, MPI, LCG-CE & CREAM-CE before : SunGE 6.2u5 -- involved in the GE-CREAM integration
Kit-GridKa H MA 2 clusters PBS-Pro 4.4+8.5 Plan new cluster with GE (poss. Univa) with Cream-CE
MPPMU CDF 3.7 gLite 3.2, dCache
NERSC H IS PDSF UGE 8.0.1(~SGE 6.2u5) 2
NERSC B IS Joint Genome Inst. UGE 8.0.1(~SGE 6.2u5)
OIST ? AW 3 clusters Okinawa University SGE 6.2u6 2.3 (Eth) + 2.3(InfB) + 1.2(Eth) Lustre, GPFS, NFS
QMUL H CJW UKI-LT2-QMUL SGE sge-6.1-2 325 3500 glite-CREAM-3.2.14-1.sl5, next UMD CE cores:100 x24, 65x8, 160x4
SLAC H NVA Small GE cluster LSF (Main cluster) 2200 15.8 One group uses GE
Site Contact Cluster aka LRMS Version Servers K-Cores K-HS06 Supports Comments

Lack of functionalities

(work in progress))

Site Lack of functionality Explanation Destination Product Action Comments
CC-IN2P3 Distribution Rate A means to limit the number of spawned jobs user and group for a scheduler round Admin & User OGE SR closed RFE#7118362 has been raised to add this feature in future releases.
CC-IN2P3 Missing ressources GE doesn't refuse a job requesting inconsistant/incompatible queues and ressources. Job stays in queue
It is possible to use JSV but it's heavy .
Admin & User OGE SR closed RFE has been logged
CC-IN2P3 Job Efficiency No mean to measure it inside GE Admin & User OGE SR closed RFE is raised : New attribute cpurate in qstat
CC-IN2P3 Jobs limitation No means to limit jobs (Queued+run) per user or project (only global limit) Admin & User OGE SR open in progress
CC-IN2P3 qalter We cannot modify only ONE resource of a queued job: we have to specify again all resources Admin & User OGE SR open The product team may incorporate this request in future releases.
CC-IN2P3 qacct, qstat Not the same information depending on current status of job : Queued or Run vs Ended
Difficult to get a synoptic (coherent?) view
Admin & User OGE SR opened Requirement and improvement for those commands
Own requirements and improvements for those commands has been sent to support
Seems to become a RFE
CC-IN2P3 Minimum running jobs Grant a minimum amount of running jobs per user user & admin OGE
CC-IN2P3 qstat qstat error message is truncated to 128 characters user & admin OGE SR closed BUG FIXED

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