h1. ENX Core Documentation


ENX V2.4

This version is available since Wed, 2008/09/17.

User manual


Installation manual V2.6+
Installation manual V2.8+
Installation manual V3.0

ENX structure

ENX is designed in 3 distincts parts:
  • A SOAP interface (accessible through Web application or console)
  • ENX core
  • Drivers with specific code

Main evolution is the integration of ENX V2.8 in DCOD framework!

SOAP interface

ENX Core


In ENX terminology, you have two terms:
  • Driver : The "code file" to use. This driver can be static or dynamic.
    • Static Driver : The driver is hard coded and compiled with ENX.
    • Dynamic Driver : The driver is a dynamic library and can be compiled independantly. This driver can be added, removed from ENX application dynamically.
  • Device : The instanciation of the driver. You can have many instanciations of the same driver.

Internal commands


Control and command manual V2.6+
Control and command manual V2.8+
Control and command manual V3.0

ENX driver creation

Creating dynamic plugins
Creating static plugins

ENX applications

To use a dynamic driver, you need to:

  1. Have an existing driver -> Creating dynamic plugins or Creating static plugins
  2. Have a running ENX server
  3. Load the driver in the ENX server -> Control list
  4. Create the device in the ENX server -> Control list

Using console for ENX
Using remote console for ENX

ENX 2.6.00 +
ENX 2.6.02

Drivers documentation

LSC AGATA gateway