DCOD Internal Interfaces


All objects of the DCOD framework have to comply with this interface.
The interface defines mandatory key functionnalities of a DCOD object.

package DCOD.Interfaces is

   pragma Pure;

   type DCOD_Object_Interface is limited interface;
   --  This procedure is used to set the name of the DCOD object                                                                            
   procedure Set_Name (Object : in out DCOD_Object_Interface;
                       Name : String) is abstract;
   --  This procedure is used to retrieve the name of the DCOD object                                                                       
   function Get_Name (Object : DCOD_Object_Interface)
                     return String is abstract;
   --  This procedure is used to know if the process that host the object                                                                   
   --  provides or not a embedded web server                                                                                                
   function Has_Http_Server (Object : DCOD_Object_Interface)
                            return Boolean is abstract;
   --  This procedure returns the http URL needed to contact the embedded                                                                   
   --  web server if Has_Http_Server returns True.                                                                                          
   function Server_Url (Object : DCOD_Object_Interface)
                       return String is abstract;

end DCOD.Interfaces;


This RCI is the central hook of the DCOD framework.
It allows to subscribe new elements (Posix Memory Handler, ...) through simple functions.

with DCOD.Interfaces.Pmh;

package DCOD.Services is
   pragma Remote_Call_Interface;

   --  This procedure should be used to suscribe a Posix Memory Handler object.                                                             
   procedure Suscribe_Posix_Memory_Handler
     (Object : Interfaces.Pmh.Pmh_Access);

end DCOD.Services;

DCOD "interfaces"

DCOD provides interfaces to all functionnalities implemented.
If you need to interact with any of this functionnality, you can use the following specifications.


package DCOD.Interfaces.Pmh is
   pragma Remote_Types;

   type Remote_Buffer_Interface is synchronized interface;
   --  This function returns, as an XML string, the state of the buffer: level                                                              
   --  of free and full queues.                                                                                                             
   function Get_State (Object : Remote_Buffer_Interface)
                      return String is abstract;
   type Remote_Buffer_Access is access all Remote_Buffer_Interface'Class;
   type Remote_Buffers_Array is array (Positive range <>)
     of Remote_Buffer_Access;
   type Pmh_Interface is synchronized interface and DCOD_Object_Interface;
   --  This function returns the fat pointer (DSA concept) of a remote buffer.                                                              
   function Get_Buffer (Object : Pmh_Interface;
                        Buffer_Name : String)
                       return Remote_Buffer_Access is abstract;
   --  This function returns all the fat pointers the PMH object is handling as                                                             
   --  an array.                                                                                                                            
   function Get_Buffers (Object : Pmh_Interface)
                        return Remote_Buffers_Array is abstract;
   type Pmh_Access is access all Pmh_Interface'Class;

end DCOD.Interfaces.Pmh;





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