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Having an integrated view about VO activites

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I am responsible in EGI-Engage for collecting metrics about infrastructure use, so I spent some time recently in the OpsPortal, Accounting Portal and AppDB to collect data.

It's a very tough work because of two main reasons:

1. Each tool provides only a segment of the view:
- Accounting portal: CPU usage
- Ops Portal: Discipline category and User numbers
- AppDB: Discipline category and

2. The list of VOs are not exactly the same across these three tools. (This makes data integration very time consuming and error-phrone).

What we need to overcome this is a single portal where I can choose a period, then click OK and get back a table with the following structure (with one row for every VO that's registered in EGI):

VO Name | Primary discipline and subdiscipline | Scope (National or Global) | CPU usage during period | Change in user number during period | Change in associated entries in AppDB during period
(The table should be exportable, or at least do not fall apart if copy-pasted into Excel (for example this works fine from Accounting portal).

Are you planning to develop something like this in EGI-Engage? I belive this is absolutely necessary otherwise EGI cannot really understand changes in VO/community development and assess impact of community outreach and support activities.

Could we design and implement such a system? How about a call next week to discuss this?

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A new radio option has been add to metrics page :

radio "Vo Activities"

On click, choose the date period (6 month by default from today)

Then after validate option, a redirection is done to :{startDate}/{endDate}

tab of VO Activities showing data from lavoisier view


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