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12:40 AM JSAGA Bug #2627: Missing timeout
Actually it went through after a while no idea if a timeout is required here....
12:37 AM JSAGA Bug #2627: Missing timeout
The plugin at stake here is the ssh2 plugin:
"Thread-202" daemon prio=10 tid=0x00007f0614017800 nid=0x7bf5 in Object...
12:35 AM JSAGA Bug #2627 (New): Missing timeout
OpenMOLE get freezed here on a low bandwith connection:
"Thread-41" daemon prio=10 tid=0x00007f05cc03c000 nid=0x71...


07:20 AM JSAGA Bug #2610 (Resolved): NPE in when closing gsiftp entry
07:18:43.649 [Thread-500] DEBUG o.o.c.b.e.BatchExecutionJob$ - Error durring job submission.


11:50 AM JSAGA Bug #2498: voms plugin doesn't work with openjdk 7
Any progress on that bug ? It is realy painfull for us as most of our users are using linux.


02:16 PM JSAGA Bug #2498: voms plugin doesn't work with openjdk 7
It seems that jglobus 2.0 as dropped the ptls library (not updated since 2005):
12:56 PM JSAGA Bug #2498 (Resolved): voms plugin doesn't work with openjdk 7
VOMS plugin depend on a crypto algorthim which is not provided by OpenJDK 7:
12:29 PM JSAGA Bug #2231: [SFTP2] copie avec flag OVERWRITE
The signature of the mkdir method is:
override def makeDir(parentPath: String, directoryName: String, additionalArgs...


08:45 AM JSAGA Bug #794 (Resolved): Null pointer exception durring openning of an output stream on srm
Exception in thread "Thread-18472" java.lang.NullPointerException


11:17 AM JSAGA Bug #715 (New): Error creating an exception
In some cases the WMS plug-in doesn't succeed in reporting a meaningful error:
Exception in thread "Thread-419" ja...

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