La Rocca Giuseppe

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  • The name of the project ?: JSAGA
  • Registered on: 10/23/2013
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03:56 PM JSAGA Bug #5401 (Closed): [rOCCI] throw exceptions in case of errors
Changed ex.printStackTrace(System.out); with log.error(ex);
03:48 PM JSAGA Bug #5400 (Closed): [rOCCI] SSH connect fails when local run of "occi" command fails
Adeded the following exceptions when occi does not return any results ...
try {
results = run_OCCI("create", ...
03:44 PM JSAGA Bug #5399 (Closed): [rOCCI] auth value "x509" harcoded
The hardcoded auth value has been removed from submit() and clean() methods.

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