1) Frameworks & JS Libraries

- In order to increase the maintainability and the efficiency of the application we have migrated to Symfony 3.
- upgrade of bootstrap
- use Datatables Js libraries to optimize the presentation of the tables (Vo Management, Metrics)
- Use of Google Chart (Vo Management, Metrics)

Only the modules related to dashboards will stay in the previous version of symfony.

3) Ergonomics

- Addition of links to ARGO and VAPOR applications
- Changes into global menu presentation (and optimization depending on screen size)

4) Module and project modifications

- Reorganisation of project infrastructure
- Removal of useless files and features
- Merge of Vo Management Tool and VO ID cards (all-in-one page )
- Removal of Availabilities/reliabilities module (replace by ARGO)

5) New Downtime Module

Replacement of the current downtime notification system:
- with a suscription page (emails , rss , ical)
- with timelines charts and tables
- with a search tool
- different formats (CSV, Json)

6) Continuous Integration

- a procedure of developments is in place :
- an integration plateform has been set-up with PHPUnit , GitlabCI , docker and SonarQBE :

Release Burnup chart

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Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
6746 Feature Add the users number in the xml feed
11161 Feature New downtime module
11413 Feature Support VOs managed through PERUN or other alternative systems
12100 Feature Availability module
12341 Feature VO-Disciplines information to be hierarchical
12363 Feature Release process 4.0
12364 Bug Portal menu
13062 Feature Merge automatical list of robot certificates and manual one
13238 Feature from symfony 1 to symfony 3

Closed Sprints