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# Tracker Subject Story Points
7973 Feature set master alarm as a part of ticket subject using radio button
9117 Bug CSI Dashboard: BreadCrumbs
6422 Feature Add field for additional CC in ticket form
7112 Feature Add possibility dor ROD to see the NGI related COD metrics
7664 Feature Improvements on VO ID cards : disciplines and vo list
8119 Feature Study dashboard ergonomy to reduce clicks and pages redirection
7095 Bug On GGUS ticket details : ticket ID point to self page
8803 Bug Vo Users Metrics - Chart Option
8819 Bug Ticket without alarm : no possibility to change the expiration date
8894 Bug Add a more explicit message in case of missing target
8931 Bug Duplicated VO entries into broadcast
9261 Feature Move the box with buttons up
9004 Feature Check the compatibility with the new GOC DB
9031 Feature Release Process 3.1.2
9148 Bug Users Metrics Ca
9152 Feature Link to the VO ID card into Resources Distribution browser

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