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*Topic: TS2020 April 2021 Meeting
*Time: April 2, 2021 02:00 PM Paris

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ID de réunion : 696 6363 7794
Code secret : 307429

Chair & minute taker: Fabian Schüssler


  • Simona Lombardo (LAM): The Calar Alto Schmidt-Lemaitre Explorer: an innovative telescope for transient search and detection (slides)
  • Questions
  • Will the open time be accessible to the whole community? => This is not fully defined yet. For the moment the priority is on building the consortium, so everybody interested in invited to contact Simona.
  • When will the robotic operations and ToO follow-ups start? => Robotic operations should start in 2023. For ToO observations build up of a catalog of reference images will be necessary.
  • Piercarlo Bonifacio (OBSPM): SPIAKID, a spectroimager for the NTT telescope based on Kinetic Inductance Detectors
  • Questions
  • How will you determine the quantum efficiency and flatfielding of the detector? => A dedicated calibration plan is being developed. Probably it will include several monochromatic light-sources that are calibrated by dedicated diode(s).