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*Topic: TS2020 March 2021 Meeting
*Time: Mar 1, 2021 02:00 PM Paris

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Meeting ID: 810 4759 6875
Passcode: 448654
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Chair & minute taker: Frédéric Piron


  • The H.E.S.S. Gravitational Wave Rapid Follow-up Program - Halim Ashkar (IRFU, CEA Paris-Saclay).
  • Astro-Colibri: The coincidence library for real-time inquiry for multi-messenger astrophysics - Patrick Reichherzer (IRFU, CEA Paris-Saclay)
  • Discussion & AOB


  • H.E.S.S. GW Rapid Follow-up Program
    • Q: release obs parameters publicly or through MoUs? A: TBD
    • Q: for small maps immediately observable (even if rare): start to repoint before knowing the first pointing position? A: has not happened so far
    • Q: how many LVC events observed during O3 ? A: ~dozen
  • Astro-Colibri
    • Link:
    • Q: Is there a link with the CDS or is totally independent? (some functionalities already exist in Aladin for instance) A: for the moment we have a link to Simbad for all sources. Let us know what information you would like to see in addition! We try to make it as useful for everybody but have of course our own biased viewpoint...
    • Q: is it query-able with topcat (same format?) A: API should be all compliant will all VO standard and existing tools like topcat
    • Q: include alerts from new projects like SVOM? A: quite easy, adding new observatories is rather quickly; need to categorize based on wavelength, expand to radio and optical (without displaying all SNe from TNS for instance)
    • Q: similar tool in SVOM? A: no, and no plan to develop such a tool, so SVOM very interested in Astro-Colibri
  • Discussion & AOB
    • Next session on Friday April 2 (before Eastern)
      • topic: development for optical observatories
    • Questionnaire to make a census of service activities for transient science in France
      • F. Daigne preparing the questionnaire, to be submitted to TS2020 members as soon as possible