How to get and install RPM distribution

  1. Ensure you have a rpm available e.g. from
    otherwise see How to get source code and compile
  2. Ensure you have granted access for rpm installation (probably root)
  3. Install new release
    rpm -i   /tmp/repo/fr/in2p3/cc/storage/treqs/treqs-delivery/1.0-SNAPSHOT/treqs-delivery-1.0-xxxxxx.xxxxxxx.rpm
  4. Check the newly installed rpm
    > rpm -q --info treqs
    Name        : treqs                        Relocations: /opt/treqs-1.7.0 
    Version     : 1.7.0                             Vendor: IN2P3 Computing Center
    Release     : 20150710.151640               Build Date: Fri 10 Jul 2015 03:16:44 PM CEST
    Install Date: Fri 10 Jul 2015 03:48:49 PM CEST      Build Host:
    Group       : Application/Storage/HPSS      Source RPM: treqs-1.7.0-20150710.151640.src.rpm
    Size        : 3514179                          License: 2015, CC-IN2P3
    Signature   : (none)
    Packager    : TREQS team
    URL         :
    Summary     : Tape Request Scheduler (TReqS)
    Description :
    TREQS server, to be used with HPSS. Running thru Java Service Wrapper (JSW)
  5. Configure treqs
    Previouslys check TREQS config files etc/, etc/logback.xml and JSW config file etc/*wrapper.conf.
    For an example of my-wrapper.conf see
    For more details on JSW config see
  6. Start treqs
    /etc/init.d/treqsd start | status | stop | restart
  7. About location
    Per default package is installed in /opt/treqs-version (e.g. /opt/treqs-1.7.0)
    RPM allow to relocate to another directory via --prefix option. (Caution in such case, soft link (e.g. /etc/init.d/treqsd) must be adjusted manually)
     rpm --prefix /opt/demo/  -i    .../xyz.rpm
     ln -s /opt/demo/treqs/bin/treqsd /etc/init.d/treqsd
  8. Update with a new release
    • Once treqs has been installed, you may want to update it via rpm -U
      Remember that file in etc/ are flagged as 'noreplace', so rpm -U will update package without changing those files
      rpm -U /tmp/repo/fr/in2p3/cc/storage/treqs/treqs-delivery/1.0-SNAPSHOT/treqs-delivery-1.0-20150505.153810-24.rpm
    • To provide new file content in etc/ uses --replacefiles. In such case new file will be suffixed .rpmnew (and existing files leaved unchanged)
      > rpm -U --replacefiles /tmp//repo/fr/in2p3/cc/storage/treqs/treqs-delivery/1.0-SNAPSHOT/treqs-delivery-1.0-20150710.155455-126.rpm 
      warning: /opt/treqs-1.7.0/etc/my-wrapper.conf created as /opt/treqs-1.7.0/etc/my-wrapper.conf.rpmnew