Vo ID Card

The VO ID Card system records the life cycle of a given VO and links the VO managers to the project management for operations. The data is stored in the CIC DB, hosted at CC-IN2P3.
The schema of the database has evolved to support the VO life cycle and the evolution of the workflows supported by the portal.

The VO ID cards are the static repository for VOs with information such as:
  • The VO contact points (VO managers, VO User mailing list, VO representatives, etc.)
  • The VO global information (enrolment URL, status, discipline, etc.)
  • the Acceptable User Policy of the VO
  • the VO’s Core Services
  • The VOMS information (Groups and roles, certificate details, etc.)
  • Any other specified requirements (CPU needed, RAM needed, etc.)

The current interfaces permit a new VO to register and to subsequently update the information.
This registration and the updates are validated by the UCST (User Commmunity support team) .
Otherwise we use currently the registered roles (VO Managers and VO deputy) to restrict accesses to the VO ID card update.

Some additional features :
  • Distribution of available resources on a per VO basis through a synoptic display showing the geographical distribution of the resources for a given VO (e.g. CPU, disk/tape storage or other VO Services).
  • all global information available per VO under several format HTML , RSS or XML
  • statistics and metrics according to EGI’s evolving needs
  • Notifications on demand about changes on the VO ID Cards.