The regional package

The goal of the work on the package is to distribute the different features and modules present into the Central Operations Portal into a regional package for NGIs to cope with NGI needs.
The first release of the first production package was on June 8th and this release included the first release of the dashboard module. The different part of the package and the documentation are
distributed via a SVN repository ( svn checkout svn+ssh:/operations-portal/package )
The application is composed of :
  • a web service named Lavoisier configured to handle Nagios notifications, store and provide data cache from GOC DB, GGUS and to generate metrics reports about the use of the dashboard (alarms raised, tickets handled ...)
  • a PHP web application to provide a user interface.

The regional instance is linked with the central instance of Lavoisier; and creation, update, delete of records are synchronized so as not to disrupt global oversight operations.
Synchronisation is achieved through REST and SOAP and records are synchronized every 5 minutes by using php scripts.
Any problem detected during the synchronisation is reported in a mail sent to webmasters.

The central and the regional instances have been built on the same model to behave in the same way and to be easily interoperable.
A validation procedure has been established to validate the regional instances when a given region expresses this need.
All regions or NGIs are able to opt for either the central or the regional instance.
We will continue to offer as now regional views for the future features – when it makes sense - to the NGIs.

As you can see on the schema the architecture is exactly the same on a NGI and central instance.
The distributed components are the same, just the configuration changes:
  • with some piece of codes in the PHP application that permits to distinguish a regional instance from a central one
  • On the Lavoisier side to filter information and to keep only the information related to the NGI.

This regional package is currently using the same central data sources as the central instance but this package is designed to integrate the regional version of GOCDB and regional helpdesks if they are