With this tool every authenticated user (users with a grid certificates) are able to contact several categories of stakeholders impacted by a problem, an announcement, or a specific release.
The aim is to provide to the different actors of the grid community with the information by mail or RSS feeds.
The current model is based on information coming from GOCDB (sites or ROC/NGI contacts) and from the CIC DB (VO contacts, mailing lists for operations).

In addition to sending out information we provide also:
  • an archiving service
  • a search engine by type of announcement – general or downtime notifications - date, target e-mail, people contacted, body text, subject and author.
  • the integration of new mailing lists provided by EGI
  • the possibility to add customized contact lists
  • the possibility to load an existing broadcast

Moreover we are studying the possibility to extend this tool with the user tracking module which can contact an end-user without having their email address, through his DN certificate.
Indeed, we query the VOMS servers listed in the VO ID card, in agreement with the security policies, in order to collect all users email address.